Short Description:

The machine is specialized equipment for the needs of transformer body and tilting work of the same work piece. The machine will satisfy the operation condition of relevant work piece when it upturns 90 angles and ensure that the work piece won’t produce deformation and collisions. Meanwhile, release the labor intensity and ensure the safety.
The chief operation structure of the machine consists of hydraulic power unit. It is easy to be operated, safe and reliable.

Product Detail

The main technical parameters and structure characteristics

Applicable transformer range.

Body size Max.             1250 * 580 * 950 MM (LxWxH)

Body weight Max.       2000 kilometers

Major parameter of stacking platform.

Tilt rail Size                 1300 * 1050 MM

Height                           270 MM

Work load                    2000 kilogram

Tilt angle                      within 0-90°(any angle can be stopped temporarily).

Tilt speed                     90°/60s


The device picture is for your reference

Transformer body Tilting Platform 1

Transformer body Tilting Platform 3


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