• 20W Fiber Laser Machine

    20W Fiber Laser Machine

    The TR20 series Desktop utilizes the leading brand fiber laser source, multifunctional marking software (runs on Window XP/Win7 32 bits operating system), all-digital high speed scanner, and other qualified integrated units. It is fast speed, high stability and user-friendly.
  • High Quality 20W Fiber Laser Marking Machine

    High Quality 20W Fiber Laser Marking Machine

    Fiber laser marking machine is replacing the lamp-pumped solid-state laser marking machine for higher reliability, longer lifetime, high energy conversion rate, beam quality. It is been widely used in different fields like electronic, Electrical products, integrated circuits, hardware tool products, auto parts, plastic products and precision equipments, etc.
  • High Efficiency Auto CNC  Metal Sheet Bending Machine

    High Efficiency Auto CNC Metal Sheet Bending Machine

    Main feature of CNC Bending Machine
    1. The electro-hydraulic servo system with the international level of detection components, synchronous control accuracy is very high, bending accuracy, repetitive positioning accuracy to a high level;
    2. Hydraulic deflection automatic compensation function can eliminate the influence of slider deformation on workpiece quality. The CNC system automatically controls the output compensation, which is convenient and accurate;
    3. The throat deformation compensation device can avoid the influence of the fuselage strain in the working process on the detection element, so as to ensure the bending accuracy;
    4. The fuselage adopts one-time clamping after steel plate welding, and is processed by CNC pentahedron machining center to ensure the rigidity and machining accuracy of the fuselage.

  • Steel Metal Automatic CNC Guillotine Shear Machine

    Steel Metal Automatic CNC Guillotine Shear Machine

    The main feature of the CNC Guillotine Shear
    1. According to the difference of plate thickness and material, the system can automatically adjust the upper blade clearance to improve the cutting quality.
    2. The dac360 / dac362s control system of delem company in the Netherlands can accurately control the back stop, cutting stroke, cutting angle and the gap between upper and lower blades;
    3. Automatic adjustment of shearing stroke can realize fast and accurate cutting of short and small workpieces and improve production efficiency;
    4. The high-speed and large stroke rear stop driven by linear guide rail and ball screw can reach 250 mm / s and the upper limit of back stop travel can reach 1000 mm;
    5. All steel welded structure of CNC brake plate shears has good rigidity and stability with comprehensive treatment (vibration aging, heat treatment) to eliminate internal stress.
  • High Precision Metal Sheet Fiber Laser Cutting Machines 1000W

    High Precision Metal Sheet Fiber Laser Cutting Machines 1000W

    Laser cutting is a technology that uses a laser to slice materials. While typically used for industrial manufacturing applications, it is also starting to be used by schools, small businesses, and hobbyists. There are many different methods in cutting using lasers, with different types used to cut different material. Some of the methods are vaporization, melt and blow, melt blow and burn, thermal stress cracking, scribing, cold cutting and burning stabilized laser cutting. What we are use is fiber laser cutting with greater efficiency, reliability and greater performance.
  • Sheet Metal Hydraulic CNC Turret Punch Press Machine

    Sheet Metal Hydraulic CNC Turret Punch Press Machine

    CNC turret punch machine is a type of punch press used for metal forming by punching. The tooling of a turret punch uses a large number of standard punch tools: holes of varying sizes, straight edges, commonly-used notches or mounting holes. Our company turret punching adopt single servo motor driven system, adopts large torque direct driven servo motor and driving unit with high overload capacity to realize low energy consumption, high transmission efficiency, reliable performance and convenient maintenance. By using a large number of strokes, with several different tools in turn, a turret press may make a wide variety of parts without having to first make a specialised press tool for that task. This saves both time and money, allowing rapid prototyping or for low volume production to start without tooling delays.