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Transformer Body Assembly Frame meets the special equipment of 220kV transformer body assembly frame.

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Main Technical Specification of Transformer Assembly Frame

1) Load Capacity:  Working platform bearing capacity: 1000Kg

Load bearing capacity of discharging frame: static load 10000kg, dynamic load 5000kg

2) Lifting range of operating platform: 1200-3000mm

3) Total length of assembly frame: 9500 mm, total height: ≤ 4500mm;

4) Operating platform width: 800mm

5) Length of discharging platform: 7000mm

6) Width of discharging platform: 800mm

7) Operating platform lifting way: Both-Side Synchronization

8) Walking speed: 2000mm/min

Structure Characteristics of Transformer Body Assembly Frame

TheTransformer Body Assembly Frame is mainly composed of left and right frame, operation platform, lifting platform, discharging platform, transmission mechanism, electric control mechanism, work guardrail and ladder.

Left and right frame : adopt rectangular steel pipe welding structure, the frame body is firm and reliable, the appearance is beautiful, and the operation is convenient and fast.

Operating platform of Assembly Frame: the table is equipped with a telescopic pedal, with a maximum expansion length of 600mm, a width of 250mm, a pedal spacing of less than 20mm, and a limited position when the pedal reaches the maximum position. Rubber protective pad shall be installed on the extended end face of the expansion plate, and the load of the telescopic platform shall not be less than 200kg.

Lifting platform: the lifting of the lifting platform is lifted by two lifting screws to realize synchronous lifting. which is stable, safe and reliable. The assembly frame is used in pairs.

Discharging platform for Transformer Body Assembly Frame: the discharging platform and working platform are ladder shaped frame. The step height is 800mm. The lower step surface is the working platform, and the upper step surface is the discharging platform. The working platform is made of checkered steel plate.

Work guardrail and ladder for Transformer Body Assembly Frame: the worktable is equipped with guardrail with a height of 1000mm. The guardrail is movable guardrail. The guardrail behind the discharging platform is 700mm, and the ladder is set on both sides of the assembly frame.

Transmission and operating mechanism for Transformer Body Assembly Frame: motor + reducer + worm screw elevator is used for lifting the operation platform. Two sets of centralized operation button stations are installed on the left and right frames, one for ground operation and the other for platform operation.

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