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The assembly frame is a special equipment for the manufacture of large and medium-sized transformers in the transformer manufacturing industry. The equipment is composed of two frames arranged symmetrically facing each other. Both sides of the frame can operate independently to adjust the height and horizontal position of their respective working platforms to meet the different requirements of the operation position during the transformer assembly.

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The equipment is mainly composed by electric lifting work platform, transmission mechanism, electric walking brake system, control system, visualization system, safety protection system and retractable bridge plate lapping system. The working platform is a pull-out structure, and the lower part is provided with a pull-out platform that can extend the standing range outwards, which is used for local extension of the standing platform to facilitate personnel to work close to the transformer. The height position and horizontal position of the standing platform can be driven to the designated working position by the motor, and the standing platform is provided with a power socket and a pneumatic quick connector, which is convenient for the staff to use common electric and pneumatic tools on the standing platform; There is a ladder at both ends of the equipment, which is convenient for the staff to go up and down; An operating switch is provided on the standing platform and the supporting column, so that the staff can adjust the height and horizontal position of the standing platform at any time during the work; The upper and lower part of the platform are equipped with lighting, providing sufficient light source during work.


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