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The Paperboard Compacting and De-burring Transformer insulating material processing Machine is a special equipment for densifying and chamfering the strip insulating board used in the processing of cushion blocks.

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Technical parameter for Paperboard Compacting and De-burring machine

(1) The thickness of processed paperboard: 1.5~30mm

(2) Width of paperboard: 7~100mm

(3) Processing blcoks R Angle: designated by the customer

(4) Milling speed for Paperboard Compacting and De-burring machine: 6000r/min

(5) Feeding speed: 5~20m/min, Compacting and De-burring synchronization (variable frequency stepless speed regulation)

(6) Processing length: ≥500mm

(7) Maximum rolling pressure: 50T

(8) Compression ratio of insulating board: 8~10%

(9)Paperboard Compacting and De-burring machine can also be configured separately with Compacting and De-burring with flexible process.

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    Q1: How could we choose the right model foil winding machine?

    A: Please give us your details coil size, material size, special requirements, Our engineer will finalize which model suitable for you.  

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