Short Description:

Paper Wrapping Machine is a special equipment for producing paper covered wire. Paper covered wire is the winding wire insulated with bare wire or enameled wire as the core, power cable paper, high-density interturn insulation paper or heat-resistant insulation paper as the outsourcing.

Product Detail

Machine Video

Multi Wire Paper Wrapping Machine include pay-off unit, Main host, take-up unit, Control System etc, with Servo motor control or Mechanical control which can choose accroding to your requirements. 


Type of Cable Paper Wrapping Machine:

We have Horizontal type or Vertical type paper wrapping machine with two paper tapping heads, each taping head may wrapping 2 layers of paper,  Or 1 product line with 2 paper tapping heads, each taping head may wrapping 4 layers of paper, so it can wrap Max.2*4=8 in total Or customized tapping layer requirements.  


Technical parameter for Copper Wire Paper Wrapping Machine as recommend 

Product scope Copper / Aluminum rectangular wire
Section area  5-100mm²(1*5mm,5*30mm)
Lapping pitch 10~32 mm, step less adjustable
Lapping head rated speed 800 rpm/min
Normal production rate  0-600rpm/min(Depending on the size of the gauge, the pitch size)
Paper Pad OD 330 mm
Paper Pad ID 75 mm
Paper Pad width 10~32 mm
Paper thickness 0.040~0.125 mm


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