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The PD detector is mainly used for power transformer, HV CT/PT, arrester, HV switch, HV XLPE cables, etc.The test is based on apparent charge measuring description as per IEC 270. The calibrated charge is generated from input impulse of 100pF capacitor. 10mV step voltage means 1pC partial discharge and the rising time of step voltage is less than 50ns.

Product Detail

The PD test is the main test items for electric equipments insulation, and the partial discharge is the important parameter of electric equipments quality. The detector is based on modularization, designing the simulation parts as standard module according to different function. The modules can be added or deleted as per users requirement. The module is standard Europe type, which is convenient for maintenance and update. It adopts advanced hardware process system, and NI card from America National Instrument. It also adopts digital filtering and other signal process device to collect and analyze the PD signal.

• Test Frequency range:  50/60Hz(30Hz ~ 1kHz optional)
• Power supply:  220V/50Hz 
• Test sensibility:  <0.02pC(load capacitor 50pF)
• Minimum measuring apparent charge:  <0.1pC;
• Sampling depth of each channel:  32M
• Resolution:  8bit±1/2LSB;
• Max sampling rate:  50MHz(can upto 100MHz)
• Linearity:  <+/-1%;
• Pulse resolution time:  <10uS Max input pulse voltage 100V
• Synchronization mode:  Inner trigger/outer trigger/manual
• Adjustable input attenuation:  0 ~ 96dB,band 4dB
• Time window:  0 ~ 3600, more time windows can be set
• Frequency bandwidth:  5kHz ~ 450kHz;

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