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Motor‐Generator(MG) sets can provide independent power supply which is not affected by voltage fluctuation and waveform distortion of power supply network.It has the advantages of large capacity, good
reliability, wide adjustable range of voltage and current. It is widely used in electrical machinery factory,
transformer factory, shipyard and other electrical products manufacturers.

Product Detail

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◆For Transformer Testing
◎No-Load Testing
Users can choose 50 or 60Hz or output two kinds of frequency. MG sets change the frequency by adjusting the speed.Dc machine can adjust the speed, so when the generator is required to output several frequency power supply, such as 50Hz, 60hz, then the motor can adopt dc motor. In recent years, with the maturity of inverter technology, more and more frequency converters are used to achieve the requirement that the MG sets output two or more frequency. Several configurations are available:

Sr Motor  Generator 
300kW 50Hz    
500kVA 200Hz
800kW 50Hz
2000kVA 200Hz
1000kW 50Hz
4000kVA 200Hz
1500kW 50Hz
5000kVA 200Hz
3050kW 50Hz
7500kVA 200Hz
3050kW 50Hz
7500kVA 200Hz
◎Induced Voltage Testing
For  interturn voltage resistant test, it needs Times frequency power supply, which is higher than the rated voltage of the transformer. It can adopt 100Hz, 150Hz and 200Hz MG set, which is safe and reliable.
◆ Dockyard shore power
For ship repair or shipbuilding in a shipyard, shore power with the same frequency as shipboard electrical equipment is required.  50 Hz power supply can be provided by the mains, but  60 Hz power supply is generally obtained by a 12‐ pole synchronous generator driven by a 10‐pole synchronous motor. A stationary variable frequency power supply is also used to obtain  60 Hz power supply, but the waveform, dynamic performance, life and other aspects are inferior to the
MG set.
◆Other MG Sets
There are some special purpose power supply equipment, such as the dredger shaft system, motor test system, compressor test system, and so on.

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