Short Description:

Paperboard Cylinder Rolling Machine is used for the roundness of insulated cardboard tube. It is the key equipment for forming thick cardboard tube.

Product Detail

Paperboard Cylinder Rolling Machine description:

Insulated paperboard reel machine is mainly composed of upper and lower roller chassis, drive and electric control parts.

Insulated paperboard reel machine feature:

(1) Insulated paperboard reel machine is driven by three rollers, the upper roller can move up and down to prevent slipping, and is equipped with limit control.

(2) The upper roller of Insulated paperboard reel machine is driven synchronously by the reducer and the coupling, and is connected with the lower roller through the gear box.The control panel is equipped with forward, reverse, inching, continuous rotation, descent and other buttons.

(3) Upper and lower rollers for Paperboard Cylinder Rolling Machine are electroplated or coated with polyurethane.

(4) Paperboard Cylinder Rolling Machine has a paper tube supporting mechanism, which facilitates the rolling of large diameter paper tube, which is the first initiative of our company.

Technical parameters of Paperboard Cylinder Rolling Machine:

(1) drum diameter: Ф300-3500 – mm   (2)length : 1500-4000 – mm (according to user requirements of non-standard design)

(3) Thickness: 3~8mm (4) Rolling speed: 4.08m/min

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