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High Voltage Impluse Generator Test System in power system need impulse voltage test to test its insulation performance under over-voltage before it is put into operation. With the development of power science and technology, more and more samples need impulse voltage test. Impulse voltage generator is a kind of high-voltage generating device which produces impulse waves such as lightning impulse voltage and switching over-voltage wave. It is the basic test equipment in high-voltage laboratory

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The Introduction of High Voltage Impluse Generator Test System

We have various impulse generator test from 100KV–1200KV, The system components include IVG-impulse generator , LGR-DC Charging system ,  CR-Low impedance capacitive divider , IGCS-Intelligent control system, IVMS-Digital measure and analyze system, MCG-Multi-gap chopping device.

Rated Voltage(KV) 100KV-6000KV
Rated energy (kJ) 2.5-240KJ
Rated charging voltage ±100kV ±200kV
Stage capacitance 1.0μF/200kV 2.0μF/100kVaccording to total capacitance
Standard lightening impulse 1.2/50μS efficiency: 85 90% (1.2±30%/50±20%uS )
Switch impulse 250/2500μS efficiency: 65 70% (250±20%/2500±60%uS )
Operation temperature for HV component +10 +45℃
Relative Humidity of electronic components 80%
Maximum altitude 1000 m
HV component relative humidity (non-condensing) 95 %


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