Short Description:

This Paper computierized cutting machine is Suitable for PET, PC, PVC, PCB, FPC, copper aluminum foil, lithium battery film, flannelette, metal sheet, DDP, CREPE PAPER and other coil cutting to length

Product Detail

Machine Video

The Paper Computerized cutting machine adopts a servo motor for pulling materials, and is operated by an imported PLC touch screen. The length, quantity, and speed can be set arbitrarily, and can be cut separately, making it convenient for operators to load and unload. It can be equipped with static electricity eliminator, cutting edge conveyor belt device, photoelectric point finding device, and functions such as material start and no material stop, which can be synchronized with other equipment.

 The Main Technical Parameters: 

Model HX- 800CQ HX- 1600CQ
Voltage 380V 3 phase 380V 3 phase
Total power 2.2  KW 3.3  KW
Net weight 500Kg 800Kg
Cutting accuracy + / – 0.1 mm + / – 0.1 mm
Cut length 0.1 ~ 9999.9  mm 0.1 ~ 9999.9  mm
Cut width 1~800mm 1~1600mm
Cutting speed 100  cuts /min  100  cuts /min 
Max coil weight 150–200 kg 150–200kg
Max coil OD 600mm 600mm
Cutting thickness 0.05–1mm 0.05– 1mm
Dimension 1560x1260x1700mm 2560x1260x 190 0mm


List of electric parts

Touch screen Kunlun Pass mode Beijing
Programmablecontroller Mitsubishi Japan
Servo drive Yaskawa Japan
Servo motor Yaskawa Japan
Planetary gear motor Loros Austria
Switching power supply Schneider Shanghai
Electric Eye(optional) Panasonic Japan

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