When the transformer is in operation, heat is generated due to copper losses in the windings and iron losses in the core. The removal of heat from the transformer is known as cooling of the transformer.  The Radiator of Oil – Immersed Transformer 

The radiator is an essential type of equipment of oil transformers used to transfer the thermal energy from one medium to another for the purpose of cooling. The radiators are linked to the transformer through the pipeline at the upper and lower side of the transformer .

When heat is generated in the windings and core due to the flow of current through its windings and core losses, The temperature of transformer oil increases. It is known that the rating of any electrical equipment depends upon its allowable temperature rise limit. Therefore, if the temperature rises of the transformer insulating oil are controlled, the capacity or rating of the transformer can be spread up to significant limitations. The radiator of the transformer plays a key role in increasing the loading capacity of an electrical transformer.

The oil-immersed power transformer is generally equipped with a detachable pressed sheet radiator and isolating valves. But in the case of small-sized distribution transformers, the radiators are usually an integral part of the transformer body and projected from the main tank.


Our Radiator Automatic Production Line was developed by absorbing the advanced technology at home and abroad. The whole production line consists of automatic de-coiler, rolling forming machine, Automatic Fins closing machine, multi-spot welder, double side seam welder, end welder, Rolling Shearing machine, end shearing machine, Leveling&Trimming Machine, Unloading Machine and related Conveying Frame etc. It can produce 380, 480, 520mm width (or customized), center distance of 400mm-3000mm radiators. With high automation and good forming quality, its performance has reached the level of similar advanced foreign products.


The full production line include Hydraulic core expansion decoiler, roll forming machine,  Automatic Fins Closing Machine, Muti-spot welding machine, seam welding machine and head cutting machine etc. It achieve the high efficiency and strong reliability to make Transformer Radiator. 

Post time: Oct-18-2023