In Jul 2023, TRIHOPE has successfully installed and commissioned numbers of special transformer manufacturing equipment to its Mexico partners, including Foil Winding Machine, High voltage coil auto winding machine, Low voltage coil winding machine. TRIHOPE, commited to the home of transformer manufacturer by providing various professional equipments, material and service.

Low-voltage winding (fewer turns of larger gauge wire, thinner insulation) The low-voltage winding has fewer turns of thicker, insulated wire around the core. This thicker winding is designed to handle higher currents. However, the insulation on this winding does not have to withstand the same high stress as the high-voltage winding.

Transformer-home Foil windings are suitable for low voltage (hundreds of volts) and high current (hundreds of amps to thousands of amps). They are generally used as secondary windings of distribution transformers. The foil transformer uses copper foil or aluminum foil with high conductivity as the conductive material.