Trihope has successfully install and commissioned two paper-wrapped insulated wire auto wrapping machines in one of the largest cable factories in Mexico.

Paper wrapped round & rectangular wires are the principle type of magnet wire that bare Aluminum or Copper conductor wrapped by insulation paper by specific wrapping methods, used for winding coil of transformers, welding machines and other equipments. The quality requirements of the paper wrapped copper wire are mainly as below:

1. The paper tape should be wound tightly, evenly on the conductor.

2. There should be no defects, no wrinkles or cracks, no overlap at the paper tape, insulation at the tape joint and insulation repair can be thick, but the length cannot be greater than 500mm.

 Paper Wrapped Wires

Our Paper Wrapping Machine is a special equipment for producing paper covered wire. Paper covered wire is the winding wire insulated with bare wire or enameled wire as the core, power cable paper, high-density interturn insulation paper or heat-resistant insulation paper as the outsourcing.


Trihope has successfully install and commissioned two paper-wrapping machines in one of the largest cable factories in Mexico. This professional cable manufacturer with more than 30 years history choosed our products after comparing them with many worldwide suppliers.  This two wrapping machine we installed at their factory were designed 1 product line with 2 paper tapping heads, each taping head may wrapping 4 layers of paper, so it can wrap Max.2*4=8 in total. And with Inovance servo motor control system, touch screen display,  Achieved one person manage two paper wrapping line working at same time.

clike the machine operation link to see details:

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Post time: Jul-19-2023