Short Description:

Automatic winding spacer forming machine is a special CNC machine tool for the processing of axial oil gap pad of coil in insulating parts of power transformer.It is mainly applicable to the special automatic processing equipment for dovetail, pigeon tail and straight groove processing at both ends of the insulation parts of 110KV-1100kV transformer windings.It can make the end face of the processed pad smooth, no particle, no burr flying edge.

Product Detail


Main Character of spacer milling machine

The programming system is convenient and easy to understand

Intuitive man-machine interface programming, easier to use

Built-in block processing libraries, facilitate quick call

Real-time monitoring system

Block processing program can be stored in the memory controller

adopts four high-speed motorized spindle as milling head, machine design compact, short working table stroke leads to high speed machining efficiency.

Spacer milling machine adopts enclosed design, peripherals transparent type shield, internal sound-absorbing material, vacuuming mouth connected to external dust catcher.The inlet and outlet is designed for dust prevention, which can effectively control the overflow of dust and noise during the milling process, and also protect the clean environment of the insulating workshop.

Besides enclosed shield of the spacer milling machine is made of 2 mm thick steel plate and toughened glass and electric interlock, when the machine start, can effectively stop all kinds of unsafe splash damage and personal, improve the safety.

Processing range:

Block length: 25 ~ 300 mm

Block width: 25 ~ 60 mm

Pad thickness processing range: the maximum 350 mm

Saw head speed: 3000 r/min.

Saw head movement speed:2 ~ 5 m/min

Arc to speed: 9000 ~ 24000 n/min;

Slot knife speed: 9000 ~ 24000 n/min;

Machining precision block length: equipment processing all kinds of precision block length shall meet the + / - 0.2 mm

The machining accuracy of the groove of block: block equipment processing all types of the precision dovetail, dove tail, straight groove depth should meet the + / - 0.2 mm, equipment shall ensure that the processing of longitudinal and lateral two-block material direction compaction, the compaction, machining process block material should be vertical and mesa not tilt, to ensure that the processing of various types of rabbet center with pad material overlap, the deviation should

be + / - 0.15 mm.

Spacer milling machine body steel members for aging treatment, main transmission parts should undertake the corresponding heat treatment.

Motor installed capacity: about 16 kW (not including the dust collector motor)

Spacer milling machine weight: 3.5 tons;

Pneumatic system pressure and flow rate: 0.6 MPa and 0.2 m3 / min

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