Short Description:

The amorphous core cut to length machine is mainly used for the automatic cut to length of amorphore core. Also applies to similar technology processing requirements.

Product Detail

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Product details:

Amorphous Shearing Line function meet the cut to length requirement of amorphous core series, setting and adjustment for lap series, overlapping method, air gap spacing and other parameters. The operation requirements of site input already optimized, easy to use.

Feature of High Speed Cut To Length Line

Amorphous Shearing Line adopt large capacity PLC, servo execution system, color touch screen man-machine interface and high precision mechanical transmission mechanism, ensure its high automation, high productivity, high reliability.

Technical parameter for Transformer Lamination Machine

Maximum cut to length      3000mm
Min cut to length             Min300mm
Shear width                140—230mm
Length shear precision     ± 0.5 mm
The maximum thickness 15 layers, each layer 0.025mm
Shear angle                 90 degree
Shear angle precision ±0.05  degree
The fixed product      4-12groups
Distributed products 2-12 groups
Feeding speed                 0—90 M/min
Shear speed             0—35 timemin
Note;Cut off the belt material with a length of 2000mm, and complete a shear cycle time of less than or equal to 5 seconds.

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