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Copper rod production machine is mainly suitable for transformers, reactors, voltage regulators and other electrical equipment manufacturing countries coil crimping process . In particular, the beginning of a rectangular coil and core transformer elliptical coil crimping shaping.

Product Detail


Craftwork flow of upward continuous casting copper rod production line:

Cathode copper→melting furnace→transition house→holding furnace→casting machine (crystal molding) →casting rod→ take-up device → on sale or further producing

Put the cathode copper into the melting furnace of QW2 compounded furnace straightly. It will be melted into liquid by frequency inductor. And the liquid of copper will flood into the holding furnace automatically and smoothly pass through the transition house, and then it will be deoxidized by the charcoal covered. The liquid of copper will become casting rod quickly by the crystallizer of the casting machine in the holding furnace. Then it will be hauled by the double-withdrawal roller of the casting machine. When the casting rod is hauled off from the haul-off device, it will be led to take-up device through the idler pulley frame and take-up limited equipment.

Technical parameter for upward continuous casting production machine:

Annual output:                     5,000 tons  
Furnace:                          3 chambers(2 melting; 1 holding chamber)
Quantity of strand:                  10
Rod diameter:                     ф8~20mm
Rod leading speed:               φ8φ20 mm: 02800mm/min;
Pitch:                             2.5~6mm adjustable
Annual working time:               7920h
Finished coil size:                  φ900×φ1550×1000mm
Voltage:                          380V   50Hz
The installed power:                 480 KVA
Melting capacity:                    700kg/h
Maximum operating power         240~260 KW
Electricity:                         ≤340kwh /T
Charcoal:                           ≤15kg
Rod take-up        φ8φ20mm auto coiling, traversing    
Material feed:                       Cathode panel feed by hoist
Rod clip in casting machine:           Pneumatic
Servo motor control:                 Touch screen
Furnace control:                    Voltage converter

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  • Q1: How could you manage the Upward continuous casting copper rod production line quality?

    A: We have the very strictly 6s management system, All departments supervise each other.  The spare parts and material used on machinery will be checked before start production. And before delivery, we will installation and commission at home, do a comprehensive inspection

    Q2: Can you provide the turn-key service of supplying complete machinery and equipment for a new transformer factory ? 

    A: Yes, we have rich experience for establish a new transformer factory. And had successfully helped Pakistan and Bangladesh customers to build a transformer factory. 

    Q3: Can u provide the After-sales installation and commissioning service in our site?

    Yes, we have the professional team for after-sales service. We will provide installation manual and video when machine delivery, If you need, we can also delegated engineers to visit your site for installation and commission. We promise we will provide 24 hours of online feedback when you need any help.  

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