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core stacking and tilting platform and standard accessories are used for overlaying and overturning of three-column and five-column cores of 80T transformers.

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Technical Parameters of core stacking and tilting table

(1) Specification model: FT80T

(2) Maximum load bearing (T) : 80 (excluding iron yoke) for manufacturing: three-column core

(3) The maximum size of the core (excluding the size of the clip) can be manufactured:

(4) L * H (feng yoke upside down at the bottom of the iron yoke) x Φ column diameter (mm) :

6000 * 4000 * 1000 Φ

(5) Minimum distance (mm) from the center of the pillar: 600


Main components of the overturning table equipment:

1. The turnover table is mainly composed of the following parts

(1) Longitudinal beam for the overturning table equipment (also known as i-shaped platform, stacked iron platform) : hot-rolled section steel or low carbon steel welded structure, in order to ensure the flatness, the key position is machined.The aging treatment should be carried out for the welded structure.The longitudinal beam is equipped with an overturning leg, which can prevent the core from unsteadily overturning after 90° overturning.The lower part of the longitudinal beam has positioning slot block, which can move laterally and laterally with the positioning slot in the foundation, so it can adapt to different window size Mo.

(2) Toothed reversal beam for core overturning table  : it is machined with low carbon steel after welding, and is of gradual opening tooth shape with stable rollover.Independent plug type structure, can not be placed on the rail when stacking iron, reduce the occupation of work space.Flip only through the first shaft and longitudinal beam into one, easy to operate.

(3) Rolling base for transformer core stacking table: low carbon steel welded structure, with tooth beam to ensure stable rolling of the iron core.

(4) Jacking beam for transformer overturning table: formed steel welded by mechanical processing


2. Iron discharge accessories of stacking table:

(1) Leveling jack for core stacking table: Fixed on the longitudinal beam with the help of jig, it can move longitudinally along the stacked iron platform, so it can be applied to transformer cores with different center distances.

(2) Jacking jack for transformer stacking table: it is fixed on the toothed overturning beam and mainly used for jacking the iron core after the completion of stacking iron to ensure the good position of the overturning iron core.Easy to install and reliable to fix.

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