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Insulation Tape Slitting Machine is applicable for the slitting tooling of industrial adhesive tape, electronic material, protective film, copper foil, aluminum foil, OPP,PE,PVC, sheet etc.
Our company automatic slitting machine employs photoelectric track and rectification system, and the magnetic powder clutch is adopted to control the feeding and rewinding tension. Main machine adopts frequency conversion speed regulation. The movement of the rubber roller is controlled by the cylinder. laminating and slitting be done at one time , laminating or slitting can be done separately. Accurate slitting, fast speed, easy to operate and maintenance.

Product Detail

Charatertistics and Functions of Insulation Tape Slitting Machine

This insulator paper slitting and rewinding machine is of high precision and high sensitivity,  with inflatable bearing used for feeding and receiving materials. Imported magnetic powder clutch is adopted to control the tension. Imported gas sensitive device is adopted to detect the rectification of rolling, with fully automatic hydraulic rectification control. Automatic detection, rectification and metering can be realized. It is characterized be accurate slitting, fast slitting speed, ease of operation and maintain

Technical parameter for Paper Slitter Rewinder 

Model Name  650FQ  1300FQ  1600FQ
Max Feeding Width 650mm 1300mm 1600mm
Main Engineer Power 2.2kw 4kw 6kw
Speed 80m/min
Size 2400x1700x1300mm 2400*2000*1300mm 2400*2300*1600mm
Weight   1000kg 1200kg 1500kg
Rewinding Diameter 600mm 600mm 800mm (customized)
Winding Diameter 450mm (customized)
Precision   ±0.1mm

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