Short Description:

The instrument is designed and made as per the national standard of People's Republic of China GB/T259
Standard Test Method for Water Soluble Acid & Base of Petroleum Products and transformer oil.
It is suitable to determine the water soluble acid & alkali in the liquid petroleum products,additives,
lubricant greases,paraffin andwaxy components as per GB/T259.

Product Detail

n insulating oil in the transformer may occasionally come into contact with air. It may be during opening any blanking or due to leakage in the oil tanks or in associated pipe lines. Because of that the oxidation reaction in the transformer oil takes place, which further be accelerated due to temperature and presence of catalysts like iron, copper and dissolved metallic compounds in the transformer oil.

The instrument extracts the water soluble acid & alkali in the sample using distilled water or ethanol solution. Then check
color change of extracted solvent by methyl orange or phenolphthalein indicator respectively, or determine the pH value of extracted solvent using acidity meter to ascertain whether there exists the soluble acid and alkali in the extracted solvent.

Our machin has below advantage:
¯ Simple design and meeting requirements of GB/T 259.
¯ Heating power can be adjusted continuously. Easy to control.
¯ Easy to operate. The result is accurate.

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