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This tester is designed and manufactured specially according to the national standard " GB265 - 88 Determination of kinematic viscosity of petroleum products " . It's suitable to determine kinematic viscosity of liquid petroleum products. This apparatus has the function of timing of the trial sample movement and can calculate the final result of kinematic viscosity. This method is suitable to determine kinematic viscosity of liquid petroleum products ( It refers to Newtonian liquids ), and its unit is m2/s. Generally in actual utilization, the unit is mm2/s. The dynamic viscosity is equal with the result which use kinematic viscosity to multiply the density of the liquid.

Product Detail

(1) Liquid bath holes:4
(2) Range to control the temperature: indoor temperature-120ºC
(3) Precision to control the temperature: Room temperature -120ºC≤±0.1ºC Room temperature -40ºC≤±0.2ºC
(4) Input power source : AC220V±10V 50HZ
(5) Heating power : 1000W
(6)Test times : from 1 to 6 times , can adjust.

(1) LCD screen, with Chinese character , clear to see ,easy operation .
(2)Use imported sensors, PID digital technology to control the temperature, has the wide range to control the temperature, has the
high precision to control the temperature.
(3) Calendar clock no power down. When start, can show the present time automatically.
(4) Network communication, can choose the functions by remote control and glossary.
(5) When press the keypads, your hands feel very good.
(6) You can adjust the test times from once to six times, so you can be convenient to have the test.
(7) You can save the test record, so you can check the record afterwards conveniently.
HZYN-1301-05 HZYN-1301-09P HZYN-1301-11P

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