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Transformer oil to play its insulating, heat dissipation, arc extinguishing role, must have good electrical, chemical and physical properties. Oil exquisite degree of deep, low acid value, reduce equipment corrosion and insulation system to achieve the longest life, the acid value of the new oil are generally <0.01 mgKOH / g, running for 5 years will not have the acid value of the case of growth. New oil requires acid value ≤ 0.03 mgKOH / g, running oil requires acid value <0.10 mgKOH / g.

Product Detail

1. Summary

The transformer oil acid value tester adopts the potentiometric titration principle. Recording the titration
of the electrode otential and the titration volume, find out the equivalence point and corresponding titration
volume, and thus obtained the sample pH value. This instrument can accurately detect the acid value of
transformer oil, turbine oil, anti oil, diesel, gasoline and other petroleum products; Widely used in chemical
industry, electric power, oil and other industries, it’s the ideal acid number tester of petroleum products.

2. Reference Standards:

GB/T264 Standard Test Method for Acid Number of Petroleum Products.
GB7599-87 Determination of acid number in transformer and turbine oils in service
GB/T7304-2000 Petroleum products and lubricants–Determination of acid number
GB/T 18609-2001 Determination of crude acid value by potentiometric titration.
ASTM D664-2011 Standard Test Method for Acid Number of  Petroleum Products by Potentiometric Titration
3. Technical Parameter.

1 Measuring range >0.0005mgKOH/g
2 Accuracy relative error ≤5%
3 Potential measuring range 0 ~ ±1999.5mv
4 Basic error ±0.1%F.S ±0.5mv
5 Burette volume 10ml
6 Small volume of burette 0.01ml
7 Burette accuracy ±0.1%F·S
8 Full set host, titration unit, computer (including the
operating software), printer, etc.


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