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Transformer Radiator Full Welding Line is for radiator fin production .

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The Brief paramters of transformer radiator full welding line

The main technical parameters
  Three-phase input power control box:  380V 50HZ
  Rated input capacity:  6 * 160KVA
  Transformer primary voltage:  380V 50HZ
  Transformer secondary voltage:  6.5 7.6 9.05 V
  Rated duty cycle: 50%
 Pneumatic system rated pressure: 0.6MPa
 Consumption: 1000L/min
  Effective with maximum thickness:  1.5 +1.5 mm
 Center height ( adjustable ): 980mm
 Distance between the electrodes adjustment range: 73 ~ 88mm
Upper electrode tip: 6
Lower electrode tip: 6
Electrode maximum pressure: 1500N
Upper electrode work stroke: 40mm
Lower electrode work stroke: 40mm
Spot pitch (adjustable): 40 – 80mm
Welding interval (adjustable): <4s
 Workpiece movement speed: ≥ 3m/min
Cooling water flow rate: 30L/min
 Dimensions: 1062 * 340 * 1800 (L * B * H)
Weight: 3000 Kg

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