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The Four Instrument Parts used in Americal Type Transformer include : Transformer Temperature Indicator Thermometer, Transformer Vacuum Pressure Gauge,Transformer Oil Level Meter and Transformer Pressure Relief Valve.

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Transformer Temperature Indicator Thermometer

Temperature indicator thermometer is an instrument suitable for measuring oil temperature of transformer, which is installed on the side wall of the transformer. This instrument has sensitive response, clear indication, simple structure, good reliability and other good characteristics, its outer shell is made of stainless steel with beautiful appearance and long service life.


Transformer Vacuum Pressure Gauge

Transformer vacuum pressure gauge instrument is a pressure measuring instrument of box transformer, it can directly reflect the internal pressure changes of box transformer caused by environmental temperature changes, observe the normal operation of the transformer.

Measuring Range: -0.04-0.04Mpa (can be customized)

Accuracy: Level 2.5

The usage of environment: temperature -30 ~ +80℃. Humidity ≤80%

The Surface Diameter: Φ 70

Mounting Connector: M27x2 movable screw

Transformer Oil Level Meter

The oil level meter is suitable for the oil level indication installed on the side wall of medium and small oil-immersed transformer oil storage tank and on-load switch oil storage tank. It is also suitable for the level measurement of other open or pressure vessels. It can replace the connected glass tube level meter with the characteristics of safety, intuitive, reliable and long service life.

Working Ambient Temperature: -40 ~ +80℃.

Relative Humidity: when the air temperature is 25℃, the humidity is not more than 90%.

Altitude: ≤2000m

Installation Position without intense vibration and strong magnetic field

Oil Level Meter should be installed vertically

Transformer Pressure Relief Valve

The relief valve is mainly used to make the gas pressure in the container does not exceed the predetermined value, when the pressure is higher than the relief pressure (P), the valve will open automatically, let the gas escape, when the pressure is lower than the relief pressure (P), the valve will close automatically. In addition, the user can pull the ring at any time to open the valve to lower the pressure

Relief pressure range: P=0.03± 0.01Mpa or P=0.06± 0.01Mpa (can be customized)

Mounting thread: 1/4-18NPT (can be customized)

The use of ambient temperature: 0 ~ +80℃ Relative Humidity < 95%

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