Short Description:

This test system is mainly used to test the insulation level of wire and cable under high power frequency
voltage, such as power frequency withstand voltage test. The system is mainly composed of two parts:
digital control regulator cabinet and test tooling.

Product Detail

The first part includes industrial computer, withstand voltage test system, isolation transformer device, Voltage regulator, Compensating device and electronic components. The second part includes suspension display, mouse, keyboard, Power frequency test transformer, automatic grounding device, high voltage switching device and so on.

The Digital control voltage regulator cabinet is made by aluminum. Withstand voltage test system, isolation transformer device, voltage regulator and Compensating device are installed in the cabinet. After the installation of the control voltage regulator cabinet and the test tooling cabinet, these two cabinet shall be used together

Withstand voltage test system function With power frequency voltage test function.

All key components and panels are made of high quality components with reliable quality and easy operation

Operating interface adopts LCD screen, flexible programming and control software up-gradable.

The interface has a picture prompt function, can realize man-machine dialogue, easy to operate.

With control& measurement function, software and hardware protection, interlock functions, and can realize automatic control, program control, function can be expanded.

Multi-core control cable is used in the control console, which is easy to maintain, safe and durable.

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