In the working process of transformer, a lot of heat will be produced, which seriously affects the performance of transformer. During the operation of transformer, the loss of winding and core will produce a lot of heat, which must be dissipated in time to avoid insulation damage caused by overheating.

The cooling form of transformer is related to the type of transformer products and the place of use. Secondly, different cooling forms will be considered in the design with the change of capacity within the same category range. Only the surface of the oil tank can ensure the temperature of thermal balance. With the increase of capacity, the heat dissipation area can be increased on the structure. For example, add oil pipe and tank wall to make corrugated structure (corrugated oil tank). If the capacity is increased, the cooling surface can be blown. For the transformer with large capacity, the natural convection circulation can not take the heat out of the transformer body. The oil pump is needed to send the oil to the oil passage in the coil to form a forced circulation, and the cooling device with high efficiency is used to discharge heat outside.

The common cooling elements of transformer are cooler or radiator. There are two kinds of coolers: air cooler and water cooler. Water cooling mode is only used in special occasions, such as sufficient flowing water source, and economic performance is considered. The radiator is usually used on the medium and small capacity power transformer, and has two structures: direct connection with the oil tank and connection with the oil tank through the oil manifold. From the fixed way, there are split structure and integral structure.

Radiator panel by installation can be devided into: fixed and removable.

PG-type: Fixed, no flange, directly on the fuel tank welding in the transformer.

PC-type: removable, through the flange on the fuel tank fixed in the transformer . 


Chip structure of the radiator can be divided into:

1) General type: The piece center distance is the same. Like PC1800-20/520
2) Goose neck type: Thepiece is divided into long and short piece from different centre, long and short general difference of 300-500mm, short for 2 to 3. Like PC2700(2400)-26(2)/520.
3) Double barrel type: on the collecting pipe is the double barrel structures. 


The transformer production workshop of our company has many production lines, such as automatic uncoiling, vertical and horizontal shear, automatic rolling forming, single point multi spot welding, seam welding, assembly welding, acid pickling and phosphating, hot oil washing, etc., and the products have various specifications such as 310,460,480,520,536mm. The radiator semblance antiseptic treatment may use the coating according to the user request(finish coat or acrylic acid polymine fat enamel paint) or hot galvainze, the outward apperance color maintains with the transformer fewl tank is the same, the luster is conistent, fine artistic.

Our company not only provides the radiator but also could provide the panel of the radiator and oil tube. Which the customer could welding and painting at their side who has the mature painting and welding workshop. Through this way, the customer can save lots of transportation costs.


Post time: Sep-22-2020