Despite of the strike of COVID-19 pandemic during Feb in China, Our company is actively resuming to normal work. Engineers from our SENERGE factory have flew to TBEA headquarter in Xinjiang China immediately in Mar, 2020 for installation and commission of our automatic core staking line. TBEA is one of the largest and most advanced transformer factories in the world, produce Power Transformer upto 1000KV 1000 MVA. SENERGE equipment will enhance TBEA production automation and quality.

The Core stacking line is the automatic auxiliary equipment for core lamination process, Consist of Roller Table, Core Stacking Table, Trolley, and Tilting table. This stacking line is to replace the original laminated platform and crane requirements. At the same time, the negative effect of core tilting on core performance after stacking is solved. The newest design is components of core tilting table, Automatic trolley, Moveable core stacking table, and Roller table. Fully solves the problem of iron loss and slow efficiency caused by manual stacking

As a professional home solution provider for transformer industry, We have been on the road to make customized design and improve the performance of the equipment continuously. As our 4th generation core staking line, this time We have enhanced the stability of the device, such as reducing the jitter of the device when it is turned over at 90 degrees, and the connection of each working station is more smooth.

As soon as our team arrived at the installation site, we began to check the site ground and operation environment, including the ground trimming, ground wire connection, etc. After finish preparation, Our engineer commissions the core stacking line on side and trial running. Once the machine moves stably, we start training the operators in TBEA to help them operating the full line in the future. After months of hard work from both sides, the full core stacking line is successful accepted and handed over to TEBA for its mass production.

Here, TBEA highly appreciated the enthusiasm and professional guidance of our engineers and expressed a special feeling. We also thankful M/s Xinjiang TBEA gives us the biggest support and concern during work.

The video of the equipment is attached below

Post time: Jul-13-2020