Transformer coil production is a very professional process, and the equipment and tooling used are most special. And according to the different coil structure, the equipment and tooling used are also different. Here we only introduce the technological equipment used in the heart coil. Mainly including Horizontal winding machine, vertical winding machine, foil winding machine and our company special design Combined HV/LV winding machine 

Horizontal winding machine It consists of a winding host, automatic putting the wire in order device, layer insulation supply device, round Wire, flat wire tension adjustable pay-off stand, pneumatic system and PLC control system, servo motor system, and touch screen man-machine interface and etc. With a high degree of automation, the machine is fully functional and powerful. To guarantee winding compactness of axis and width, especially design for rectangular coil winding.


Vertical winding machine is mainly used for winding large power transformer coil, which is an ideal equipment for high voltage, ultra-high voltage, continuous, and pie coil. According to the type, the machine can be divided into pit type and floor type vertical winding machine. Trihope manufactures Vertical Winding Machine from 10 Ton to 25 Ton capacity. Our coil winding machines can be customized to suit your individual requirements and various accessories with standard or customized winding torque characteristics.


The foil winding machine is suitable for the winding of foil coils in the transformer and electrical industry. foil coil is made of copper or aluminum foil with different thicknesses as a conductor, broadband insulation material as layer insulation, narrow strip insulating material as end insulation, winding on foil winding machine to form a coil. At the same time, to finish the welding of the inner and outer leads of the coil as well as to bind on the surface of the coil. The functions of the equipment provide sufficient support for making the foil coils that meet the requirements of the standard. This machine is professional equipment for the production of parts of this kind of electrical appliance.


Combined foil & wire winding machine design to wind high voltage coil and low voltage coil of transformer and reactor. HV lead coil is wire, and the LV coil is foil. Can be done at the same time on the equipment of high and low voltage coil winding.

LV foil coil uses various thickness copper or aluminum foil strips as conductor,with strips insulation material as layer insulation and completes the coil on the foil winding machine to form a roll coil.

HV coil uses a single round wire or rectangle wire as a conductor to winding. The coil can be round, ellipse, and rectangle.




Post time: Sep-02-2020