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Vacuum drying and Oil Filling equipment is designed and manufactured according to the principle of transformer vacuum oiling and vacuum drying, which is mainly used for drying the active part of oil immersed transformer.
In the drying process, the vacuum equipment constantly changes the pressure in the drying tank to make the product heat up evenly, and can timely remove the evaporation water in the tank to prevent the iron core from rusting. Because of the gradual drying, the product deformation is small and the drying is more thorough. Due to the reasonable structure and technology of the equipment, the drying time is about 40% less than that of the conventional vacuum drying. It is a reliable, efficient and energy-saving process equipment.

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Feature of Pressure changeableVacuum drying and Oil Filling equipment:

1. oil tank and oil pipeline using 304 stainless steel, no impurities and pollution; oil filling  is done in two ways of automatic and manual, accurate control of oil filling.

2. the vacuum system design has a new type of condenser, so that most of the moisture from the condenser cooling, condensed to water and released, effectively avoid moisture in the drying process of to affect the vacuum pumps. The high temperature magnetic pump is used as the heat transfer pump to make the heating system more stable and avoid the leakage of heat conducting oil.

3.In the process of heating the body temperature according to different times, automatic pressure exchange and transformation will be reduced to a certain value in the vacuum tank pressure cycle, create the most suitable conditions for the moisture evaporation from the insulation part of the active part during the evaporation process of drying process in a reasonable state.

4.Because of the scientific control of variable pressure drying process, combined with domestic and foreign technology, can effectively solve the iron core rust problem in the drying process.

5.The level of automation and product processing reach to advance level, the quality of products handled can reach the level of superior class in the industry.

6.This equipment electric control system and each component system is stable and reliable, can guarantee the smooth operation.

Main components of the Vacuum drying and Oil Filling system:

1.Vacuum drying tank   1set

2.Vacuum system   1set

3.Heating system   1set

4. Low temperature Condenser system  1set

5.Transformer oil storage tank  1set

6.Oil Filling system   20set

7. Measure and Control system   1set

8.Pneumatic piping system  1set

9.Cooling water system   1set

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  • Q1How long is the vacuum oil filling plant warranty time?

    A: Our warranty period is 12 months from the commissioning or 14 months from the date of shipment. Which is due first. Anyhow, our service will up to the full lifetime of the equipment. We commit to respond to your feedback within 24 hours.


    Q2: Can you provide the turn-key service of supplying complete machinery and equipment for a new transformer factory ? 

    A: Yes, we have rich experience for establish a new transformer factory. And had successfully helped Pakistan and Bangladesh customers to build a transformer factory. 


    Q3: Can u provide the After-sales installation and commissioning service in our site?

    Yes, we have the professional team for after-sales service. We will provide installation manual and video when machine delivery, If you need, we can also delegated engineers to visit your site for installation and commission. We promise we will provide 24 hours of online feedback when you need any help.

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