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The core of transformer is the heart of transformer. HJ series core cutting machine is specialized equipment for production of transformer cores;It process the lamination of yoke, leg, center leg and etc. The equipment adopts the automatic control system, operation easily, high automation and precision. Its manufacturing quality directly affects the performance and operation of transformer. The processing technology of the core, the composition of the production of the core cutting line, the operation method, the precision adjustment, the flatness of the silicon steel sheet, the shearing precision, the burr tolerance and so on all have certain influence on the core shearing machine.

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The transformer shear production line adopts multiple sets of AC servo system. Respectively used in: material transmission channel by servo motor to set material width in screen operation and automatic positioning. Shearing and v-notching adopt AC servo motor as driving power, with fast response speed, low noise, small vibration, convenience maintenance.


Frequency speed decoiler, automatic tracking system.

Electrical control double loading , Easy position Replacement.

No need pit for Material Storage Device, Ensure safe and convenient.

PLC Control, Servo adjust width, Servo feed

V notching, Hole punching, Shearing device kinds of collocation, meet all kinds of needs

Automatic depiler , stacking neatly

Core type by transformer core lamination machine

Two shear one punch

Two shear two punch

Two-shear Two-punch Central Positioning Stepping


Technical parameter

Transformer Core Cutting Machine
Equipment model HJ-300 HJ-400 HJ-600
 Processing range Sheet Length (mm) 400–1800 400–2200 400–3500
Sheet Width (mm) 40–300 50–400 60–600
Thickness of sheet(mm) 0.23–0.35
 Process precision Tolerance of length(mm) ≤±0.15
Shearing angle ±0.025º
Shearing burr(mm) ≤0.02
 Coil specification Tolerance of width(mm) ≤±0.1
Burr(mm) ≤0.03
Tolerance of S(mm/2m) ≤0.2
Feeding speed(m/min) 0–180 0–200 0–200
Shear efficiency Width 160mm,With a v-notch yoke L1 length 800 mm ,Side leg L1 length 600 mm ,Shear combination, more than or equal 36 times per minute Width 200mm,With a v-notch yoke L1 length 1000 mm ,Side length L1 length 800 mm ,Shear combination, more than or equal to 30 times per minute . Width 200mm,With a v-notch yoke L1 length 1000 mm ,Side length L1 length 800 mm ,Shear combination, more than or equal to 36 times per minute.
  De-coiler Quantity Double head
Max.loading /single head (kg) 1500 1800 2000
Coil innner dia mm Φ500
 Max coil outer dia mm Φ1000
Docoiler speed m/min 0–180 adjustable
Expanding range mm Φ480–Φ520 Φ480–Φ520 Φ480–Φ520
Buffer device no pit
Feeding form Single servo feeding Single servo feeding Double servo feeding
 V-notching Notching arrange(mm) ±25 ±25 ±35
Steplap 7  steps
Punching device without 1  unit 1  unit
Shearing device 2  unit(45º&135º each have one unit )
Depiler Devide material up and down, stacking
Total Powerkw 25 30 45
Power supply 380V±10%  50Hz (Or Customized)

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