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Multi - stick Paperboard Slitting and Chamfering Machine it's mainly used in the manufacture of distribution transformer oil duct and stick. Multi - stick forming machine, strip slitting and chamfer integration.One feeding can produce 10 to 20 pcs oil duct with smooth surface without burr, which is at least five times more efficient than single strip forming machine and 20% higher material utilization rate.

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The Brief Introduction of Paperboard Slitting and Chamfering Machine

Paperboard batten chamfering machine is used to chamfer/round batten (strip) (cardboard) and make both sides of batten (strip) to be arc. Mostly the finished product is used for processing block (spacer) with straight or swallow-tail slots for transformer’s insulators.

Technical parameters:

(1) Stick thickness: 3~15mm

(2) Stick width: 5~70mm

(3) Maximum feeding width: 150mm

(4) Maximum discharging quantity at one time: 22

(5) Discharging speed: 5~10m/min

Basic equipment configuration:

(1) Main machine: each tool shaft has adjustment function, with safety and dustproof cover.

(2) Safe operation, with semi-automatic feeding system, front and back two driving shaft automatic feeding, feeding smooth.

(3) With plate thickness adjustment function.

(4) With a cooling and dust removal system, to extend the life of the blade, reduce dust.

(5) Equipped with bag filter.

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