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The transformer cooling radiator is a device to rerlease that heat generated by the loss of the transfromer in operation to ensure the safe operation of the transformer . It’s a main transformer Accessory in power transformer. There are many kinds of center spacing of fin radiator like: 500mm, 625mm, 750mm, 1000mm, 1250mm,1500mm etc, with width 310mm, 480mm,520mm etc . We can customized all the type according to your requirements.

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    What is Trihope


    We are using below material in production for transfromer radiator fin

    1.Steel plate: We choose DC01 and DC03 Plain carbon steel according to related requirements of GB/T5213 or other plates accordant with equivalent requirements.

    2.Steel thickness: we have 1.0mm and 1.2mm according to customer requirements. But when the central distance is 3000m or longer, then the thickness of 1.2mm should be applied.

    3.We use oil Q215, Q235 or welded steel pipe for low pressure service with highter performance which are acocordant with related requirements of GB/T 3091; and Grade 20 seamless steel pipes for liquid service which is accordant with from GB/T8163. The bore diameter of oil header should be 88.9mm (3inch) * 114.3mm (4inch) * 4.5mm.

    4.Flange, we use Q235 steel with class A or Class B, in low temperature area (-20℃), pleasse use classB or higher performance steel which should be accordant with JB/T 5213 and related requirements.

    Products Range:

    Plate width 310,480,520,535mm
    Center Spacing 500-4000mm
    Number of pieces 10-42 nos
    Steel thickness 1.0mm or 1.2mm
    Painting Oil base panint/paint / Galvanizing/ galvanzing+finsh coat
    Type PC/PG/ BB 

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  • We are a 5A Class Transformer Home with a full solution for Transformer Industry 


    1, A real manufacturer with complete in-house facilities



    2, A professional R&D Center, having collaboration with well-know Shandong University 


    3, A top performance company certificated with International Standards like ISO, CE, SGS and BV etc


    4, A better cost-efficient supplier , all key components are international brands like Simens, Schneider and Mitsubishi etc.


    5, A reliable business partner, served for ABB, TBEA, PEL, ALFANAR, ZETRAK etc in past 17 years


    Q1: what is the function of radiators?

    Answer: When a transformer is loaded, the current starts flowing through it’s windings. Due to this flowing of electric current, heat is produced in the windings, this heat ultimately rises the temperature of transformer oil. We know that the rating of any electrical equipment depends upon its allowable temperature rise limit. Hence, if the temperature rise of the transformer insulating oil is controlled, the capacity or rating of transformer can be extended up to significant range. The radiator of power transformer accelerates the cooling rate of transformer. Thus, it plays a vital role in increasing loading capacity of an electrical transformer. This is basic function of radiator of a power transformer.

    Q2: Can you provide the Angle Cutting Radiator or other type?

    A: A: Yes, we have the professional technical department, You just share with us your required drawing or size. We could customize it for you.

    Q3: What is the MOQ of transformer radiators 

    A: We can accept the quantity starts from 10 units, order amount bigger than Thousand dollars.  That is the economic way to save both of us commercial costs. 

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