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This foil winding machine is four-layer LV foil winding machine, apply to amorphous transformer, oil-immersed transformer. Winding coil is foil belt. Coil shape can be round, oval, square, rectangle, etc.,
The equipment is with full function, high production efficiency, the foil belt tension by pneumatic control is convenient and reliable, adjusting by servo control is accurate, stable and reliable, to ensure the processing quality of wire coil.

  • Key words : Transformer machine, transformer parts
  • Usage : Distribution transformer and power transformer
  • Product Detail

    I. Introduction.

    The machine adopts PLC control method has the characteristics of high degree of automation and full function.

    Each function of equipment provides enough support for producing the electrician foil coil which meet the requirements of specification. This machine is necessary equipment for producing such appliances parts.

    II. Technicl Parameters

    1 Coil Processing range
    1.1 Axial length 2501400 mm
    1.2 Axial length(Include lead 4001600 mm
    1.3 Outer diameter ( Max ) Φ1000
    1.4 Coil form Round/square/rectangular/coil weight ≤2000 KG
    1.5 Center height 900mm
    2 Coil Material Copper foil, aluminum foil
    2.1 Width 250—1320 mm
    2.2 Thickness (Max) (Total thickness) Copper foil :0.32.5 mm
    Aluminum foil : 0.43 mm
    2.3 Coil inner diameter Φ152
    2.4 Coil outer diameter (Max) Φ700
    3. De-coiler Independent four sets
    3.1 Length of bearing cylinder 1450 mm
    3.2 Expansion range of bearing cylinder Φ145φ155 
    3.3 Bearing capacity (Max) 1000KG
    3.4 Expansion force (Pneumatic) 016000N  Expansion force stepless adjustable
    3.5 Mode of offset correction Manual / Automatic
    4. Winding machine
    4.1 Winding speed 020 rpm
    4.2 Working torque (Max) ≥ 16000 N•M
    4.3 Winding power 37 KW
    4.4 Speed control way Frequency conversion stepless speed regulation
    4.5 Winding shaft 70*70mm
    5 Welding device
    5.1 Welding mode TIG
    5.2 Conducting bar welding thickness ≤ 20mm
    5.3 Welding speed Automatic speed control 01m / min
    6 Cutting device (Delete)
    6.1 Cutting form Screw cutting disc
    6.2 Cutting speed 1.5 m / min
    6.3 Cutting length 1400mm
    7 Layer insulating de-coil device
    7.1 Layer insulation installed shaft 2 sets
    7.2 Layer insulation roll outer diameter ≤φ400 mm
    7.3 Layer insulation roll inner diameter φ76 mm
    7.4 Layer insulation roll width 2501400 mm 
    7.5 De-coil shaft tension method Inflatable type
    8 The end insulation uncoiling device
    8.1 Quantity Left and right each 4 sets
    8.2 The end insulation outside diameter ≤φ350 mm
    8.3 The end insulation ininer diameter Φ 74 mm
    8.4 The end insulation width  10-100mm
    9 Rectifying device Independent four sets
    9.1 Rectifying mode Servo system
    9.2 Rectifying precision Random±0 .4 mm  20 layers coil ±1mm
    10 Electric control system PLC automatic control mode
    10.1 Number of digitals 4-digital0–9999.9Counting accuracy 0.1 turn
    10.2 Operation interface Color touch screen
    11 Other
    11.1 Layer insulation cutting device Configuration two sets
    11.2 Foil material edges deburring device Configuration four sets
    11.3 Foil material cleaning device Configuration four sets
    11.4 Welding cooling water tank configuration
    11.5 Electric Power Supply 380V/50Hz, 3-phase (Can be customrized)

    III. Composition and function of equipment

    BR/V-1400 foil winding machine includes:

    1)Foil de-coiling device 2) Winding device 3) Layer insulation de-coiling device

    4) The main frame parts 5) Welding device 6) Deburring and cleaning device

    7) Cutting device 8) The end insulation uncoiling device etc.



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